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Our ChatGPT-powered chatbot is trained on your website content for a truly personalized customer experience.

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Tailored ChatGPT

Unlock all the essentials for crafting your AI Chatbot powered by ChatGPT

Feed your knowledge base

Easily add websites, upload documents, and select specific pages from your website to serve as the source for your chatbot. 

Train your chatbot

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information in your knowledge base, kickstart the chatbot training process. This will optimize your chatbot’s performance and may take a few minutes to complete. 

Configure and publish

Several settings let you personalize your chatbot, from the welcome messages, icons, colors and the primary prompt. Now you are ready to deploy.

Knowchat AI offers tailored ChatGPT chatbots that propel your business into a new era of AI interactions. Leverage the power of ChatGPT, paired with your website’s unique knowledge and business content, to transcend traditional chatbot limitations. Your chatbot will understand customer inquiries and respond accurately as if your business wisdom was integrated into its AI DNA.

Scaling your business while delivering high-quality customer interactions can be daunting. That’s where Knowchat AI shines. Our AI chatbot efficiently handles customer inquiries, providing personalized and scalable customer service. It’s more than just a chatbot; it’s customized to your business, trained on your specific content, and continuously evolving with your knowledge base.

Experience the transformative impact of Knowchat AI today and revolutionize your customer interactions. Craft an exceptional AI Chatbot powered by ChatGPT that propels your business forward.

No credit card required


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Chatbot Optimization

To optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of your chatbot, it’s crucial to train it using various information sources. These sources can include but are not limited to, your business’s website, product manuals, customer service transcripts, FAQ pages, and other relevant documents. Here’s how the process works:

These sources of information can include but are not limited to, your business’s website, product manuals, customer service transcripts, FAQ pages, and other relevant documents. Here’s how it works:

Websites – Knowchat AI enables access to all the public pages of your website(s). We can extract and parse the content by selecting the specific pages you want to utilize, extracting valuable information to train your chatbot. This ensures that your chatbot aligns seamlessly with your online presence.

Files – You have the option to upload files to your knowledge base. Supported file types include PDF, DOCX, EPUB, and TXT. These files can contain a wealth of information, ranging from detailed product specifications to user guides. By incorporating this content, your chatbot gains a rich and diverse knowledge base to learn from.

By leveraging multiple sources of information, your chatbot becomes a highly knowledgeable and reliable virtual assistant equipped to handle a wide range of customer inquiries. Maximize the potential of your chatbot by providing it with comprehensive training from various sources.

AI Training


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A solid starting point for new users.


per year per month

  • 1 Chatbot
  • 2,000 credits / month
  • Up to 500 pages
  • Up to 5 documents
  • Basic analytics
  • Embed on unlimited websites
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Ideal for growing businesses requiring more.


per year per month

  • 5 Chatbots
  • 4,000 credits / month
  • Up to 1,000 pages
  • Up to 10 documents
  • Basic analytics
  • Embed on unlimited websites
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Enterprise Best value

Tailored for all mid-scale operations.


per year per month

  • 10 Chatbots
  • 10,000 credits / month
  • Up to 3,000 pages
  • Up to 20 documents
  • Basic Analytics
  • Embed on unlimited websites
  • Unbranded chatbots
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Our most custom exclusive package.

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  • 50 Chatbots
  • 50,000 credits / month
  • Up to 10,000 pages
  • Up to 50 documents
  • Basic analytics
  • Embed on unlimited websites
  • Unbranded chatbots
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Frequently Asked Questions

If you do not find answers to your questions and want to speak to a human, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected].

What is Knowchat AI?

Knowchat AI is a sophisticated chatbot powered by the cutting-edge technology of artificial intelligence. It utilizes the advanced models developed by OpenAI, a leading entity in the AI research field, to deliver chat services that are not only responsive but also highly intuitive. What sets Knowchat AI apart is its ability to learn from your specific data. It’s not just a generic chatbot; it’s a personalized communication tool trained with your website content. This means it understands your business, your services, and your unique customer needs. As a result, it can provide a level of customer interaction that’s tailored to your business, enhancing customer satisfaction and engagement. With Knowchat AI, you’re not just getting a chatbot; you’re getting a smart, learning, and evolving AI partner that’s committed to improving your customer service experience.

How can I train this Knowchat AI chatbot to get it rolling?

The truly remarkable aspect of Knowchat AI is its ability to learn and adapt. It’s not just about programming responses; it’s about training the AI with your specific content. You can feed it information directly from your website pages, creating a chatbot that’s intimately familiar with your business. But it doesn’t stop there. Knowchat AI can also be trained with various file types such as PDF, DOCX, EPUB, and TXT. This means you can incorporate a wealth of information from different sources, enhancing the chatbot’s knowledge base and its ability to provide accurate, relevant responses. The more information you provide, the better your chatbot becomes. It’s a system that thrives on data, so don’t hesitate to feed it as much as you can. The result is a more effective, personalized, and intuitive chatbot perfectly suited to your business needs.

How exactly do I go about training this Knowchat AI chatbot?

You provide the sitemap URL, we get all the pages listed there, and then you can select what pages you want to use to train your chatbot; now, your chatbot gets trained on all the content available.

Now that I’ve got this chatbot ready, how do I put it on my website?

Every chatbot you train gets its unique URL, like its own digital ID. You can either embed it directly on your site using the embed code provided or link to it.

My website content changes quite often. Will Knowchat AI retrain my chatbot automatically?

For the moment, there is no way to run automatic updates. You must run it manually by hitting the “Index knowledge base” button. However, if there is a high request for this feature, we can work on that.

Can I look at the interactions that users have with my chatbots?

Absolutely! We store your users’ questions, and the chatbot replies to: 1. keep track of the credit usage and show the chat history. We DO NOT store any personal data from your users we only hold the questions and the answers.

I want my chatbot to look a certain way. Can I customize it?

Of course! You can change the theme (light or dark), the bubble message color from the user and the bot, the name, the icon, and even its welcome message.

What is a credit in Knowchat AI?

A credit is a unit of measurement that we use to calculate the cost of the chatbot. A credit is used every time a user asks a question to the chatbot using the chatgpt-3.5-turbo model.

How often is the number of credits reset?

In our system, we use a credit-based model to manage the usage of our services. Each interaction with the chatbot using the chatbot-3.5-turbo model consumes a certain number of credits. The total number of credits you have depends on the specific plan you’ve subscribed to.

Now, it’s important to understand how the credit reset works. Regardless of when your billing cycle starts, the credit count is reset on the first day of every calendar month. This means that on the 1st of each month, your credit balance is replenished to the original amount as per your chosen plan, irrespective of your billing date.

For instance, if your plan includes 10,000 credits per month and you’ve used 8,000 credits in January, your available credits will be reset to 10,000 on February 1st, not on the date your billing cycle renews. This reset ensures that you have consistent credits available at the start of each calendar month.

However, it’s crucial to note that these credits do not roll over. If you don’t use all your credits within a given month, the unused credits will not carry over to the next month. Therefore, utilizing all your credits within each calendar month is beneficial to make the most out of your subscription.

Does the chatbot work only in English?

No, it works in several languages, not just English. The chat understands the question language and responds using the same language; it doesn’t matter if the content used to train the bot is in another language.

Do I need an own Open AI API key to use Knowchat AI?

No, you don’t; we use our API key, and no more costs are involved. You just paid your monthly subscription, and we handle everything else.

I’ve heard of OpenAI models. Does Knowchat AI use them?

Yes, it uses multiple OpenAI models to train and generate responses. To generate the answers, we use gpt3.5-turbo.

What if I want to share my chatbot with others?

You can easily do that! It’s like showing off your new gadget. You can embed your chatbot on any allowed website or share the public URL.

I have a specific feature I want for my chatbot. Can Knowchat AI do that?

Yes, they can! Just like a tailor can stitch a suit precisely to your measurements, Knowchat AI can create custom solutions for you; please get in touch with us at [email protected]

Do I need to know how to code to use Knowchat AI?

Not at all! You don’t need to be a coder to use it.

Is there a limit on how many questions the chatbot can answer?

Yes, a monthly limit depends on your plan; you can see all the plan information in the pricing section.

Can I update the sources for my chatbot?

Yes, you can! You can add more pages or documents at any time. You’ll need to rerun the indexer each time you update your sources.